CoSchedule Headline Analyzer Review, Free Features & Pricing 2021 | Is It Worth It?

On average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.

David Ogilvy

People read a headline and decide whether it is worth their attention or not. When attention spans are shrinking, catching people’s attention is hard. Thus, the only way of grabbing is to write riveting headlines. And as hard as writing blogs are, it is 10x harder to write headlines. But, there is a tool that promises to help you write a better headline, and it is called CoSchedule headline analyzer. As content writers, you need a tool to help you write better headlines to deliver maximum effectiveness. Let’s see if the CoSchedule headline analyzer is the tool that will help you write better headlines in your content writing journey.

What CoSchedule Headline Analyzer does?

The analyzer lets you enter your headline and gives it a score based on the percentage of common, uncommon, emotional, and powerful words. It enables you to make changes until you get a headline with the perfect balance of words. Apart from just the proportions of words, it also shows you:

  • The sentiment of the headline,
  • How easily can one skim it, and 
  • The length of your headline.

Thus, in the end, its job is to give you a compelling headline for your blog that can get you the most clicks. 

Who uses the content writing tool?

People who need to get more clicks on their website uses them, and there are three kinds of people who want that: –


Bloggers make more money by gathering a vast audience that visits them. Thus, bloggers are the people who need a tool like this. Running a blog is not easy, and there are 100 different things bloggers have to stay on top of to ensure a smooth experience for their readers. A tool like this helps them save time to write a headline so that they can take care of other aspects of their blogs.

Content writers

As discussed in this blog, there are different types of content writers, and sometimes they can overlap. For example, a content writer who writes social media posts may need to write a blog. In that case, they can use CoSchedule Headline Analyzer to write headlines for their blogs. Besides them, content writers who write blogs can also benefit from this tool since it will help them pinpoint flaws in their headlines and correct them before their submission. 


Marketers have the big picture in front of them; they can look at the data and see where and what is going wrong. Thus, when they see a blog or content piece with a low CTR, they can use the tool to change the blog titles and see the difference in CTR for themselves. 

Features in the free version

A free version is available in this tool, but you need to sign up and make an account. The tool also gives you three free premium headlines. We have discussed the way free headlines work in the next section. After you use the three premium headlines, you can either buy more or continue using the free version of the content writing tool.

Here are the features in the free version: –

Word Balance

This tool measures whether a headline is good or not by measuring the percentage of common, uncommon, emotional and powerful words. The more balanced your headline, the more you will score and vice versa.

Headline Type

There are some types of headlines that work, and of them are listicles. Thus, this tool lets you know the types of headlines and whether they will work or not.


Humans are emotionally driven creatures and therefore prefer headlines with an emotion. The tool lets you know the feeling in your headline. It also allows you to know if there is no emotion so you can make the necessary changes. 

Word Count

If the headline is too short, you miss out on words that can make your audience click. If the headline is too long, you are taking too long to make your point. Thus, the tool lets you know if the word count is less or more so that you optimize accordingly.


Most of us skim online and make decisions. Thus your headline should also be skimmable so that the user clicks on your website.


If you use Shashi Tharoor English in your headline, you cannot expect a high CTR. The tool helps you write a simple and clear headline.

Reading grade level

The general rule when writing online is to keep the reading grade low so that everyone can easily understand it. Thus, it also tells you the grade level of your headline.

A free chrome extension

There is a free chrome extension, too, so you can edit headlines directly onto the publishing page. You can also use the extension on the word doc, but personally, using the tool on a separate tab is much better.


Sometimes the headline you wrote earlier is much better than your current one, so you can quickly look at your previous versions. However, you cannot access your complete history in the free version.


If you liked the headlines you wrote, you could also add them to your favourite list on the tool.


The in-built thesaurus can help you find the word you are looking for in your headline. However, this feature has restricted sections that you can’t access as a free account.

Features in the premium version

Along with the features in the free version, people who purchase the premium version get these features:

Keyword Explorer

If your headline has an imbalance of words, the keyword explorer suggests changes to write a better headline. In the free version, it was a game of trial and error.

Unlock FULL history

You can see all the iteration and previous headlines, too, with the premium version. The free version only shows a limited amount of your history.

More suggestions

It gives you more suggestions to get a better score. In the free version, the recommendations are limited.

Unlock your SEO score

SEO score is a feature you don’t see in the free version and thus is exclusive for paid members. Here, you see if your headline is suitable for SEO or not. Thus it helps you not only get more clicks but also rank better.

Word Banks

We discussed the thesaurus and how it is more useful in the premium version. It is more valuable because it shows you a synonym of words in your headline: power or emotional words. Thus, you can boost your score by simply using their word bank.

Price of the premium version

Pricing of the premium version of Coschedule Headline Analyzer
Pricing of the premium version of Coschedule Headline Analyzer

The pricing of the premium version is different from other content writing tools. Instead of paying money for accessing the premium version, you pay according to your need for the tool. As a small blogger, you may only need five headlines per month, and you can buy them easily. But, as a marketer, you need more headlines to manage all your clients’ needs. Thus, you can pay more and buy 120 headlines per month.

Plus, one headline means that you can have 25 different iterations of the same headline. When you cross 25 changes, you use one headline.

 Is the premium version worth it?

 Rating it on what the tool does

Yes, it is a helpful tool. But it is a hit and trial since it is not industry-specific. Since different industries have a further appeal, the tool will not score your headline as per industry standards. The tool functions on basic copywriting formulas, and formulas are generic. Thus, use it to compare headlines and get tentative ideas. We score it a 7/10.

Rating it on the UI/UX of the tool

UI/UX is good, intuitive; the colours do not hurt your eyes, the page is aesthetic, it is easy to use, and it gets the job done. I like how easy it is to compare the headline scores for the different versions of each headline. Plus, it also shows you which words are working in your favour. We rate it a 10/10.

Rating it on the affordability of the tool

The tool is affordable since they have priced based on the headlines you will write. You get 25 iterations for each headline. And after those, the count for the following headline starts. But, for Indian users, it is expensive given the function is to write headlines. Thus, we rate it a 7/10. 

3 Alternatives for CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

3 Alternatives for CoSchedule Headline Analyzer 
•        Sharethrough Headline 
•        Marketing Institute – Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer
•        Headline Analyzer by Capitalize My Title
3 Alternatives for CoSchedule Headline Analyzer

Here are a few alternatives for this tool:

  • Sharethrough Headline
  • Marketing Institute – Emotional Marketing Value/ EMV Headline Analyzer
  • Headline Analyzer by Capitalize My Title

Final rating and Conclusion

The final rating is an 8/10. It is a good tool for content writers since you don’t need to know much about copywriting while writing headlines. However, you need to learn copywriting in your content writing journey. For now, you can use CoSchedule Headline Analyzer. Unlike most tools, the free headline analyzer version is helpful and has many features. Overall, it is one of the best headline analyzer tools in the market currently. 

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