Content Writing Course Review 2021- Writing With Flair By Shani Raja

A content writer does not need a degree now to become a content writer. Join a content writer course and start learning at 0.1% of the cost of a college degree. But if you choose the wrong course and it does not serve you, it will waste your time and effort. Thus, picking the right content writer courses is mandatory. Today we have reviewed one of the many content writing courses to help you speed your journey as a content writer and better your skills fast. Writing with flair: How to become an exceptional writer by Shani Raja (available on Udemy).

We have discussed the various aspects of a course that will help you better judge if the course is good for you or not. Feel free to skip to sections you want to read.

What does this content writing course offer?

Content writing course's screenshot on Udemy
Content writing course on Udemy

As per the description on Udemy, the course offers the following things:

  • The instructor’s Shani Raja’s secret on how to become an exceptional writer.
  • Learn the four pillars of writing: simplicity, clarity, elegance, and evocatively. 
  • Grasp the mindset of an “elite writer”.
  • Become a confident writer.
  • Learn how to add style to your content writing.

Keep on reading to know if the course can deliver on its promises.

Background on the instructor

Shani Raja- The content writing course's instructor
Shani Raja- The content writing course’s instructor

Shani Raja worked as a senior editor in a famous journal called The Wall Street Journal. He has written for many other prominent organizations, namely Bloomberg News, Dow Jone, Time, etc.

He left journalism and is teaching various writing professionals how to write. 


One of the best things about the course is its affordability. The course is originally for INR 5120, but Udemy often has sales, so you get the course for less than INR 1000, sometimes for less than INR 500.

Thus, if you are searching for a course that does not burn your pocket, opt for this one. 

Secret Tip: When you make a new ID on Udemy, you get a massive discount on every course regardless of the sale. Try making a new account and purchasing the course if you don’t want to wait for a sale.


The length of the course is seven hours. That may not seem a lot, but there are times when the instructor asks you to practice what he just taught. And when you do a course, you tend to make some notes to understand the material better. Thus, expect to finish the course in more than seven hours.

Secret Tip: If you want to get through the course faster, you can change the video’s speed to 1.25x or 1.5x. Anything above that, and you might not understand the course material.


Udemy- The platform for the online writing course
Udemy- The platform for the online writing course

As discussed, the platform for this course is Udemy; and Udemy is famous for hosting re-skilling or upskilling courses for working professionals and students. It is also renowned for hosting classes by industry experts at an affordable price. Thus, the platform is safe for you to use and not a scam.


When we take a course online, they have a short span of availability, meaning the instructor or platform decides to take away your viewing access after a while. It is valid for even the most expensive course since people tend to copy and sell it for a lower price. But, since Udemy is a global brand, they do not limit the access, and thus the course has lifetime access for you to use.


Unfortunately, the course is only available in English and offers subtitles for the following language:

  • German
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

But all the subtitles are auto-generated, so you must be careful when using them to learn from the course. If you want a course that can teach you content writing in Hindi, this one won’t be helpful to you.


The flexibility of Udemy courses is excellent since you can learn the course from the Udemy app and browser on your personal computer. So if you want to spend time more productively while waiting in a line, you can take your phone out and catch up on the course. Moreover, since all videos are pre-recorded, you do not have to attend live sessions and can dictate the speed of the course yourself.


Yes, the certificate is available when you complete the course. You can download the certificate as a PDF to attach to your CV and attach it to your LinkedIn profile too. Whenever a prospective recruiter or client lands on your profile, they can verify the certification with just one click.


Thankfully, the course is for both beginners as well as advanced writers. Thus, the only pre-requisites for you to learn from this course is a computer, active internet that can stream videos well, and eighth grade English.

The engagement

The engagement of the course was low. But, Udemy courses are rarely engaging. However, the material was excellent. You learn much from the course irrespective of your skill expertise as a writer. Moreover, you can choose which module you want to learn from since most modules are separate from others. What I liked about the online content writing course were the exercises that you can use as practice for the tips given in the course. It can take you a while to get through.

The way to consume the course is to do 1.5 hours of the course each day, and then you will be done with it in seven days. Also, make notes and do the exercises in the course. It will help you be hands-on.

From time to time, visit the course and watch a few videos to refresh your memory. Try to use the 9-step editing process as much as possible. It will make your writing better than before.


The course was relevant and helped me to write better. If you are a writer who has been writing for a while, you will benefit from it since you will see the mistakes you are making. He also demonstrates how you can rectify them. If you are a new writer, it will set an excellent foundation for your writing. My best advice is to practice each technique thoroughly individually. Once you are familiar with most of them, write using all of them at once.

Alternatives Courses You Can Choose

Before we move to the final rating of the course, you can check out some alternatives for it here. All the courses are free with varying durations. Choose the ones that suit your requirement and need the most.

Final rating and Conclusion

I rate it 8 out of 10. It was a good content writing online course; however, it was slightly dull because of the length. Even though there are practice exercises, most of the course is theory instead of actionable tips, so it becomes challenging to retain all of them. Plus, many suggestions are subjective that you can only learn when you are writing. So, it would help if you practised on your own too.

We hope you liked the digital content writing course Udemy review; we tried to provide the best content writing courses online reviews to help you make the best decision for your money and time. Additionally, we wanted to include a content writing certification course to help you build your CV. We hope the review helped you make the right decision!

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