Copywriting: The Next Step After Content Writing

Content writers who feel stuck in their current role want to change their career but are unsure where to move; copywriting is perfect for them. Copywriting has all the elements of content writing and more. Businesses are looking for more efficient copywriters who can help them grow their businesses. 

This blog is perfect if you mean to switch your career from content writing to copywriting. We will answer questions like:

  • What is copywriting? 
  • What is the difference between copywriting and content writing? 
  • Why choose to copywriting as a career? 
  • What are the skills needed to start a career as a copywriter? 
  • If you should select freelancing or full time? 

What’s Copywriting?

Copywriting is the art of writing that convinces people to carry out the action you want them to do. It can be buying the product, signing up for a newsletter, webinar, clicking on a link, etc. Copywriting means writing copy for ads, jingles, headings, brochures, etc. Copywriting has a long history, but it has become a special skill due to the abundance of businesses in the digital world.

Copywriting is undoubtedly one of the highest-paid skills globally because it directly impacts the sales of a business. Thus, unlike content writing which has an indirect and often unambiguous role in marketing, copy writing’s direct impact on marketing makes it easier for companies to shell out big money. 

Difference between copywriting and content writing

Unlike popular belief, copywriting and content writing are two different skills. Many skills required for each field overlap, but the basic intentions of both skills are entirely different. While copywriting is focused on bringing in sales and conversion, content writing is focused on the audience and providing value to the audience. Several other factors distinguish copywriting from content writing. If you want to read the explanation of the differences between copywriting and content writing, this blog breaks down each difference.

Why choose to Copywrite as a career?

Why choose copywriting as a career? High-pay Variety Of Work Creative Work No Need Of A Degree High Demand Immense Growth
6 reasons why copywriting is a great career

Well, you may wonder that yes, it seems like a good field, but is it enough to build a career in it? And that too we say, yes. A big, giant YES. It’s a field that is not going anywhere. Look, every business needs to sell its product, and copywriting does precisely that. Every business needs a good copywriter to write copy that will knock the socks off their audience. So, now you know that it’s a legit career. Here are some other factors that make copywriting a fantastic career:


Since the people with copywriting skills are few, the people who can persuade people with writing are paid a lot. And with experience and statistics backing your skills as you grow, you will be able to increase your salary or charges. Thus, one good reason to pick copywriting is that you will be paid well.

Variety of work 

Copywriting includes so many different formats that every day, a copywriter is faced with new exciting challenges. The variety of work is enormous and thus, if you are someone who thrives on variety in their work, then copywriting is for you. If you work in an agency, the different clients in different industries with diverse requirements will give you many projects, so you never face monotony at work.

Creative work

Creativity is key to copywriting. You need to creatively look at the product, the people who are using it and then write a creative copy that attracts people. But if you feel you are not creative enough, you don’t need to worry. Just like any skill, creativity can be improved via practice and hard work. Thus, do not let the lack of your creativity stop you from becoming a copywriter. 

No need of a degree

Your skills speak louder than your formal education. Thus, if you have solid skills and a portfolio, your degree will not make a difference. Plus, if you have been working as a content writer, you can easily switch to copywriting by creating a solid portfolio. Once you bag the job, your success depends entirely on your work.

High demand

Attention is the currency of today. Every brand and business out there are trying to capture the attention of their ideal customer. So it is surprising in the least that people with the skill to hook customers and make them buy their product are in high demand. 

Immense growth

Once you work and successfully write copy that attracts and converts, nobody can stop you from growing. It is vital to understand that anyone who helps businesses make more money is on track to growth in terms of money, companies you work with, and exciting projects. 

Skills required to become a copywriter


Well, no shit, sherlock, writing is an integral part of copywriting. But since you are shifting from content writing to copywriting, it is vital to understand the difference between writing copy and content. Content intends to inform and educate the audience, but copy wants to persuade the audience. And you can only influence once you have their attention. Thus, as a copywriter, you need to write copy that is attractive and sticky. And that’s a skill you can only learn by doing.

Marketing knowledge

You have to understand that as a copywriter, you now are a direct part of marketing. Your copy is one of the critical factors that decide whether the campaign is a success or a failure. As a content writer, maybe it was okay for you to have little to no knowledge about marketing, but once you are a copywriter, you need to know the basics of marketing. 

Research skills

Again, as a content writer, you are already familiar with the importance of research while writing content. In copywriting, you need research skills too to write copy; you need to know the competitors, the product, its benefits, etc.


You need to use empathy to put yourself in your customers’ shoes to understand their problems. Once you know their problems, you will know exactly how your product can help them and position it as the solution.

Knowledge of human psychology

You are trying to persuade humans; thus, knowledge about human psychology will help you write a copy that uses our current reservoirs of knowledge about human psychology to better convince readers. Once you understand your audience’s basal motivations and fears, you are better equipped to motivate them to do your bidding.

Time management 

No matter how excellent you are at copywriting, you need to do projects on a clock. Every campaign depends on each part of it being on time. I understand that it takes time to come up with the perfect copy, but you also need to consider that your copy will only work if they are part of the campaign, and for it to be part of the campaign, you need to submit it on time.

Freelance Vs Full-Time

You have two options: either you work full-time at an agency or company or work as a freelancer. 

The decision to go freelance or full time depends on what you like and prioritize more. If you thrive on a constant paycheque, constant workflow, do not like dealing with clients constantly, and like fixed hours, full time is for you. But if you want flexibility, the ability to choose their own clients, and working on their own terms, then freelance is for you. But the most significant disadvantage of freelancing is the instability of a paycheque. Some month’s you will make more and other months you will hardly work. Therefore, if you are comfortable with the instability of a paycheque, you can choose to freelance. 


So, to conclude everything we have established, if you want to switch from a career like content writing, then copywriting is definitely one you should consider. It requires similar skillsets, pays well, has a high demand, and has the potential for rapid growth. Moreover, the skills needed to become a copywriter can be learned via online courses. 

We hope you found the blog helpful, and it gave you food for thought. See, we understand that switching careers is hard. There is uncertainty, stress and fear of failing, and thus we recommend you thoroughly research each option carefully. If you want to see the prospects for a content writer when switching careers, you can read our blog here on how content marketing is a good career choice.

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