8 Best Content Writing Topics In 2021

Do you know the difference between a struggling freelance content writer and a successful one? The difference is specializing in a niche and pitching to the businesses in that niche. But how do you even know which niche is profitable and which ones are a dud?

Below, we will talk about the content writing topics booming right now and will continue being good in the future. However, firstly we will explain freelance writing’s meaning and give you maximum clarity. We will later discuss content writing types, too, because speeding up your success as a content writer freelancer, you need to combine a content writing niche with various content writing types.

Without wasting any time, let’s dive right into the blog.

What is freelance writing meaning?

Freelance writing’s meaning is writing content on a contract basis. You are not a full-time writer for a business but instead work for multiple companies. Freelance writers usually charge either on an hour or per word basis. The most significant advantage of freelancing is setting your own hours and working with clients of your choice.

With more experience, you can charge more for your writing services. However, the most significant disadvantage is the fluctuating income each month. 

What do we mean by content writing niches?

As a freelance content writer, you are responsible for finding clients, pitching to them, onboarding them, writing content, and making necessary changes per the client’s instructions. Thus, if you cannot find enough clients and successfully convince them, you will be unable to earn.

And how do you manage to convince a client if you cannot show that you are an expert or specialize in their industry? Thus, as a writer, you need to pick a writing niche.

Picking a content writing niche means choosing an industry or topic you will serve as a content writer. Just like you would like to go to a doctor who specializes in migraines for your migraine instead of a general physician, similarly, businesses prefer niche writers. For example, a fintech business would like a content writer who writes explicitly for this industry since the writer would be familiar with industry trends and terms. Their industry-specific knowledge will help them craft a better content piece instead of someone who writes content for other industries.

But, it can be intimidating and tricky to specialize in a niche. In that case, you can use this blog as a guide to help you pinpoint a niche that will work with your current knowledge or help you build your expertise in the future. Moreover, as a beginner, experiment and write for multiple niches. However, for a successful freelance writing career, you need to pick a niche.

Pros of choosing a niche

8 Pros of choosing a content writing topic or niche
8 Pros of choosing a content writing niche
  • You will earn more as a niche-specific freelance content writer.
  • There are higher chances of successfully getting a content writing gig.
  • An accurate idea of the industry standards and lower chances of under or overcharging.
  • It is possible to increase your rates the more you work in that niche.
  • You will write content faster since you will be familiar with the industry.
  • Your content will work better for your clients since you have a better understanding of their audience.
  • Marketing your services and building a personal brand will become easier.
  • There will be higher chances of getting referred by your clients given you deliver excellent work. 

8 content writing topics that will be profitable even in the future

Look, do not take these eight niches as a line in the stone. People are building profitable incomes as freelance content writers on other topics too. But, as a beginner and intermediate writer, it is easy to overthink and not take the necessary actions. Thus, these eight topics are great to help you start faster and eventually figure out what works for you. Moreover, all these topics are selected because they will continue being profitable due to their digital or constant need in our lives.

Finance / Fintech

Are you interested in finances? Well, this is the niche you should go for as your content writing topic. Finance and fintech businesses have deep pockets. Since they have investors funding them, these businesses are willing to hire content writers who will help them market their services and products.

If you have enough basic financial knowledge, strong research skills, and writing skills, you are set to become a finance content writer or fintech content writer.

Cryptocurrency / Blockchain

If you were active on the internet, you saw the ups and downs of the cryptocurrency space. Slowly, and slowly cryptocurrency and blockchain are becoming mainstream. Everybody in the world knows something or the other about it.

Moreover, the rise of NFTs has ensured that the blockchain and its peripheral technologies are not going anywhere and, in fact, will be strong drivers of our future economy. 

Thus, as a content writer, you can take advantage of this trend and start specializing in this niche to make big bucks in the future. All you need to get started is vital research skills and writing skills. With these in your toolkit, you can acquire more knowledge and getting deep knowledge of this industry. Then, your task would be to break down complex topics and explain them in simple language to appeal to the mass audience. 

Technology Writing

Cryptocurrency is not the only emerging technology; there are other technologies such as web development, app development, cybersecurity, etc., that you can specialize in as a content writer. Since these fields are technical and tricky to write about, there is a shortage of content writers.

Thus, you can be the supplier of the demand in this industry. Again, understanding what’s hot and what businesses in this industry are looking for in a writer will help you grow faster.

Moreover, the longevity of this industry is specific since our technology-dependent world needs companies to keep producing newer forms of their technology. And since all businesses need marketing content, your job as a technology content writer is safe and secure.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is perhaps one of those industries that will never go. Since the pandemic, this industry has seen immense growth and is not stopping anytime soon. And no sector understands the importance of content writing as much as digital marketing does. Thus, working as a digital marketing content writer will be beneficial for you. Moreover, the more you write content for this industry, the more it will help you to market your own services. 

Further, you can serve the sub-niches of this industry, too- like content marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing, SEO, PPC, etc.


SaaS companies come under the business-to-business model. And content marketing yields better results in the B2B model. Thus these companies are always looking for content writers to write content for their content marketing strategy. Moreover, their profit margins are higher and accordingly compensate their writers well.

With experience, you can charge higher and start working for premium clients. SaaS has one of the most immense scopes among other content writing niches.

Health and Wellness/Alternative Health 

The pandemic has made everybody conscious of their health, and thus more and more people are willing to educate themselves and spend on their health and well-being. This is perfect for content writers like you and businesses in the health and wellness space. You can pitch your content writing services to these businesses and write to inform and educate their customers.

Moreover, alternative health like Ayurveda, aromatherapy, acupuncture, etc., is also a mainstream option. Thus, these businesses need to attract their customers with content. You can serve these businesses and get paid for it.


Once traditional institutes like colleges and schools went online, people realized that it was possible to learn online. Plus, the online portals give you an immense choice to learn skills at your pace and budget. Thus, e-learning shot up, and more people started learning online.

Therefore, you know that e-learning websites have the budget to spend on content that will bring more paying customers. Thus, specializing and becoming an education content writer will help you become a successful freelance content writer.

Real Estate

Everyone needs houses, industrial properties, offices, etc., making the real estate industry-relevant forever. Additionally, many real estate companies have started using digital marketing. They need content for their website, blog, social media handles, etc. Thus, you can specialize in the real estate space and become a real estate content writer. Since the profit margin on each sale is vast, these businesses can pay a handsome sum to anyone who helps them market their business. 

But before we wrap up this blog, you need to understand the different types of content types you can offer as a content writer. Since another way of increasing your income is to upsell your service to your existing customer. You can have various services for the same industry and accordingly offer your service to multiple clients.

9 content writing types

  • Long-form Blog Posts (requires you to write more than 1000 words and is an in-depth exploration of the blog topic)
  • E-Books (businesses use E-books as lead magnets, and thus you will be responsible for writing an E-book that helps the user but also intrigues them to buy the companies’ products and services)
  • White Papers (businesses want white papers to increase people’s trust for their business and company. Thus, businesses are willing to spend more money on a well-written white paper)
  • Case Studies (case studies showcase the company’s success and aim to increase their services or product’s sales. Thus, case studies are also lucrative)
  • Email Writing (email marketing still gives a high ROI, thus if your well-written email helps the company, the company is more than happy to retain you as a frequent freelancer)
  • Video Script Writing (videos have exploded in the past few years, and thus companies are actively looking for video scriptwriters who specialize in their industry)
  • Ghostwriting a book (many influencers want to publish their books about their journey but lack writing skills. You can help them by ghostwriting their books and get plenty of money as compensation for giving up all intellectual rights on the book)


We discussed what freelance writing’s meaning. Further, we mentioned the pros of choosing a writing niche in your content writer freelancer journey. Next, the eight different content writing niches or list of niches that will currently be profitable and will remain so in the future. Moreover, we also mentioned the different content writing types you can offer as services to topics of content writing mentioned above.

We hope that the blog helped you narrow down a niche to start your content writing journey ASAP. But don’t know what to do next? Check our blog on how to start content writing from home

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